Hawaii Beach Packing List, Summer Vacation

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What to bring to the beach


If you are planning on coming to Hawaii during the summer months, it’ll be hot especially if you plan on spending most of the time on the beach. Here is a Hawaii Beach Packing List you can use as a guide on what you should bring to the beach.

This list will help keep everyone comfortable under the Hawaiian sun.

Beach Please. Beach therapy is the remedy. Salt water cleanse.
Beach Please
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Hawaii beach packing list: Ladies

Protect your head and face with a Stylish Beach Hat.

Theses Women Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but you’ll look stylish too.

If you’re not super confident about showing off your booty to complete strangers on the beach, tie this Sarong around your hips for a little extra coverage.

This cute Mesh Tote will hold all your things as well as ensure that sand will stay on the beach where it belongs.

Check out the bikinis and swim suits from San Lorenzo for some really cute and modern styles.

Keep you footwear simple with Havaianas Flip Flops.

What to bring to the Beach in Hawaii. Make sure you don't forget the sunblock.
Beach Attire for Ladies
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Hawaii beach packing list: Kids

If you are bringing your small kids, I highly suggest having them wear a Sun Protection Hat. This will help shield the sun from your Childs face.

Lather your kids up with Sun Screen for Kids and re-apply often.

The Pacific Ocean is pretty warm so its not the coldness of the water you should be concerned with but rather protecting your kids from the sun. If you want to be extra careful in protecting your kids and sunscreen alone doesn’t do it for you, have them wear a Girls Rash Guard and Boys Rash Guard.

Depending on what beach you end up at, you’ll want to make sure you pack Snorkel Gear for your kids so they can see the fishes and coral underwater.

Snorkel fun. What to pack for the beach in Hawaii.
Don’t forget the snorkel gear for the kids.
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Hawaii beach packing list: Men

Fellas, protect your eyes from the suns UV Rays with these cool Sunglasses.

Chances are it will be obvious that you are a tourist but if you don’t want to announce it even more by being stuck wearing the bright prints that are sold in the tourist shops, get these Boardshorts. These are basic and is what the local guys wear.

These Flip Flops are perfect for the beach or just cruising around the island. Heck, you can even wear these flip flops to any outdoor Luau if you want.

Your hands are going to be busy taking pictures and videos of your family and capturing the moments you’ll never want to forget. This Fanny Pack is perfect for holding all the things you need and keeping your hands free.

What to bring to the beach: For Everyone

Depending on where you are visiting from, your feet might not be accustomed to the texture of the sand or the coarseness of the coral so to be on the safe side, I recommend Water Sandals for everyone in your party.

You’ll want to take lots of photos and videos of all the sites and activities on your trip. Don’t forget to keep your smart phone safe by keeping it in a Waterproof Phone Case.

I highly recommend these Beach Towels. There’s so many good things about microfiber towels but the #1 reason to get these is they are not bulky like the standard towels. That means you’ll have lots more space in your beach bag for other things.

Claim your spot on the beach by Beach Blanket marking your territory with the extra large throw blanket. There are many fun colors to choose from.

Capture your memories with a Go Pro HERO. The wide lenses and the ability to go underwater makes this tiny device perfect for your Hawaii vacation.

This Dry Bag will keep your things dry and come in handy when you are doing water activities.

When on the beach, you’ll want to stream to your favorite radio station to set the mood. Don’t forget to pack a Portable Speaker.

After a long day out in the hot sun, you’re going to want to lather some Aloe & Coconut Oil After Sun lotion to sooth the sun burn.

What to pack when going to the beach in Hawaii. Don't forget your sunglasses.
Family Funday
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