Where to eat in Haleiwa, North Shore Oahu


If you plan on heading to the North Shore of Oahu, stop by Haleiwa town. Here are some places on where to eat in Haleiwa.

When you get to Haleiwa, you’ll notice a lot of food trucks throughout the town. A handful of the food trucks will serve Garlic Shrimp.

The garlic shrimp plate came popular from the original Giovanni’s Shrimp truck many years ago.

Across the Mc Donald’s in Haleiwa there is a small area that has several food trucks. Giovanni’s was the first to park its truck there before the other trucks joined.

It gets crowded and if you go around lunchtime, the parking lot is almost always full.

If you have the patience, you can keep circling around until a stall becomes available but if you’re not very patient there are lots of other restaurants and options.

Where to Eat in Haleiwa if you want Thai Food

Rajanee Thai Haleiwa

If you’re craving Thai Food, go check out Rajanee Thai. The food is tasty and moderately priced.

The restaurant is small so seating is limited. They do take reservations so call ahead to ensure you get a table.

If there are no seats open, call in and place an order for take out. There are a couple benches out in the back of the restaurants where you can bring your food out to and enjoy.

The last time I went to Haleiwa, I did just that. Below is my own pictures of my to-go Pad Thai, Satay Chicken, and Panang Curry.

Beef Pad Thai
Satay Chicken from Rajanee Thai restaurant.
Panang Curry from Rajanee Thai restaurant

If you are looking at the restaurant from the street front, walk to the left side of the building and find the window to place your take-out order.

Side window to place take-out order at the Rajanee Thai restaurant.


If you like bananas and chocolate, you’ll love Bananza!

Bananza servers chocolate dipped frozen bananas with a variation of topping options.

Some of the topping options are fruity pebbles, rainbow sprinkles, crushed oreos, brownie brittles, crushed pretzels, shredded coconut, and crushed biscoff cookies.

They also have a variety of sweet syrups that are used to help keep the loose toppings together as well as add another layer of yumminess.

Some syrup options are vanilla, caramel, sea salt caramel, peanut butter, and nutella.

They have monthly specials so don’t forget to ask about that.

They are run out of a tiny square trailer that is painted yellow with brown trimming that is right in between the back side of Teddy Bigger Burgers and Rajanee Thai restaurant.

Bananza Business

Uncle Bo’s

I mention Uncle Bo’s in another blog titled: Like a Local in Haleiwa: Where the Locals Go and Eat!

This is the second location of Uncle Bo’s. The original location that is on Kapahulu Avenue (near Waikiki) is always packed.

Uncle Bo’s restaurant is not too casual yet not too fancy so if you show up in a nice dress, that would be perfectly okay.

If you were to show up in a tank top and a nice pair of shorts, that would also be okay.

They serve a lot of Asian fusion type dishes. Keep in mind that the portions are big so you’ll want to share.

Every time I’ve been here I always try something different and I have not been disappointed yet.

My favorite dishes to order is the Boca Rota and the SOS soup.

In addition to their amazing menu, they have a good bar with their own specialty drinks.