What to do on the Island of Maui

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If you are planning and deciding on what to do on the Island of Maui here are 12 of my top picks (in no particular order).


This crescent atoll is located 2.5 miles from the most Southern part of Maui.

The only way to get to Molokini is by boat and there are several different companies to choose from.

This little island is protected and therefore thrives with marine and bird life.

If you want to snorkel and see fish, Molokini won’t disappoint.

Molokini located off the South of Maui is amazing for snorkeling. You will see an abundance of fish.
Molokini is awesome for snorkeling

What to do on the Island of Maui in Upcountry:

Pau Vodka Distillery

Located in Hali’imaile in Upcountry Maui, the Pau Vodka Distillery is worth a stop.

Someone on staff will be more than happy to give you a quick tour of the facilities and you’ll notice very quickly how much pride they take in their products.

They have mustaches on all of the wood barrels which is a cute touch.

If your not paying attention, this place can be missed so try not to let your phone distract you.

Pau Hana distillery has these cute wood barrels with mustaches spray painted on them. Visit this place if you travel to Maui.
Pau Hana Distillery in Hailiimaile
PC: Silent O / Shutterstock

Lavender Farm

When I’m in Maui, I love driving to Kula. The view of the cities below and the ocean are awesome. The air is so crisp and I just feel so peaceful.

If you’re ever in Kula, don’t forget to stop by the Lavender Farm.

There are rows of lavender on the top section of the property that is closer to the parking area.

On the bottom half of the property are rows of all sorts of plants to include various succulents, proteas, and other beautiful flowers.

The lavender farm on the Island of Maui is peaceful and beautiful. Take a drive to Kula and see for yourself.
The Lavender farm on Maui is beautiful.

Iao Valley

There’s several different ways to enjoy Iao Valley.

For first time visitors, I would suggest starting at the very top and taking a short walk to see the Iao needle.

On the way back down the hill, I would suggest parking at the next parking lot below to walk around.

There are several little gardens that are dedicated to the different ethnicities that migrated to Hawaii long ago.

In addition, you may see local families having parties underneath one of the pavilions or see the local kids playing in the cold river below.

Visit Iao Valley. Take a dip in the cold stream if you have time.
Take a dip at Iao Valley

Ho’okipa Beach

Located on the North side of Maui, Ho’okipa Beach is always windy.

This beach has the perfect conditions for windsurfers and may even be the most renowned windsurfing site in the world.

If you have the time, I would encourage you to take a break from driving and pull over for a bit to watch these watermen and women practice their windsurfing skills.

Hookipa is so windy which makes it the perfect conditions for wind surfers. If you ever travel to the Island of Maui, make a stop and watch these amazing watermen.
Hookipa Windsurfers

What to do on the Island of Maui to see Marine Life:

Whale Watch off Lahaina

If you plan on visiting Maui between the months of November – May book a whale watching tour.

There are thousands of humpback whales that migrate to the Hawaiian Islands during that time so your chances of spotting one, two, three, or more is high.

Its amazing to watch the adult whales breach out of the water. Sometimes the baby will copy so you can catch a glimpse of that too.

It’s not possible to know where the might surface so put on your cameras wide lenses and keep recording.

There are thousands of humpback whales that travel to Hawaii between November and May. Take a boat ride out of Lahaina to search for these amazing creatures.
Look for Humpback Whales in Maui

What to do on the Island of Maui for the BEST memory:

Watch the Sunrise on Haleakala

Sacrifice one morning of your Maui vacation to wake up early watch the sunrise.

Depending on where you are staying (most likely in the Kihei or no further than Kapalua area), the drive up to the summit of Haleakala will take you about 2-3 hours so don’t forget to factor that on top of the actual sunrise time.

The drive up to the summit will be very cold and so don’t forget to dress warm. It might rain a little at the top but don’t bother bringing an umbrella. It’ll be much more efficient to use a plastic raincoat and dispose of it after.

Wake up early and watch the sunrise on the top of the Haleakala Crater on the Island of Maui. It's an amazing sight to see.
Watch the sunrise on the top of the Haleakala Crater

What to do on the Island of Maui to get your exercise on:

Bike Down Haleakala

Since you’ve already sacrificed the morning to watch the sunrise, why not bike it down.

The road up/down Haleakala are well kept so the ride down is smooth.

There is a guide that leads the pack and a van that follows behind in case of any emergences.

Majority of the ride is downhill so you don’t have to peddle very much.

Get your exercise on and bike your way down the Haleakala Crater. The views are gorgeous.
Bike down Haleakala

What to do on the Island of Maui when in Lahaina:

The Famous Banyan Tree

Look for this famous Banyan Tree on Front Street, Lahaina.

This tree was imported from India in 1873 standing 8 feet tall then.

Today this tree is over 60 feet tall and its branches sprawl out enough to cover a city block.

This massive tree is one of Maui’s famous landmarks.

When in Lahaina, look for this giant banyan tree on Front Street. The branches span out to the size of a city block.
Massive Banyan Tree in Lahaina
PC: Banyan Tree Divers Maui

What to do on the Island of Maui instead of driving Hana Highway:

Twin Falls

If you notice, I did not include the Road to Hana in this list of things to do on Maui.

From a local perspective, I don’t think its worth the long drive. The road is narrow and dangerous in some spots. On top of that, there are many hairpin turns that you’ll need to endure. To me, it’s like a bad rollercoaster ride that you can’t get off.

Twin Falls is the first easily accessible waterfall on the Road to Hana. This is as far on the Road to Hana that I would recommend.

There’s a chunk of time that can be spent at Twin Falls since there are several falls to search and find on that one property alone.

Again, I would not proceed to the Road to Hana route after discovering Twin Falls. I would turn around and head back to your hotel or another fun activity.

Twin falls on the Island of Maui is beautiful. Instead of driving the long and dangerous Hana Highway, spend your time here instead.
Twin Falls Maui

What to do on the Island of Maui to get outside your comfort zone:

Little Beach

This recommendation is interesting and won’t appeal to many of you but I figured I’d put it out there anyway.

This ‘thing-to-do’ are for those who are comfortable being nude and seeing others who are nude as well.

This beach is called “Little Beach” and it is separated by a small mountain from the bigger side of Makena Beach.

In order to get here, you’ll need to navigate to Makena Beach. Once you are parked, proceed to the beach as normal. When you get to the sand, continue heading right until to you come to the small mountain to climb and cross over.

Its a different world on the other side of the mountain. If you feel like letting it all hang loose, make the climb over.

If you want to let it all hang loose, hike over the hill and get naked at the Little Beach.
Go to Little Beach and get Naked

What to do on the Island of Maui to get tipsy:

Wine Tasting

Maui Wine is located in Ulupalakua. Ulupalakua is the end of the Road to Hana journey for the folks who decided to take the drive so you might bump into some of those guys when you get here.

This little wine tasting stop is small but cute. You’ll be able to taste all the different wines that Maui Wine offers.

Don’t get too drunk. Instead, purchase a couple bottles to take with you and drink it later at your hotel.

Taste some wine at the Maui Winery located in Ulupalakua Maui. Purchase a few bottles to take home.
Maui Winery
PC: Mercury News

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