Big Island Candies in Hilo is a Must Go

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Big Island Candies in Hilo sells quality treats for everyone. Make sure to make a stop.
Front of the Big Island Candies Factory

Big Island Candies is the Best

If you have a chance to visit Hilo, located on the Big Island, you should pop in to Big Island Candies. If you are going to Hilo for vacation, chances are you will be driving all over the island to see different places so it might be challenging to fit this place in your itinerary.

I got good news for you…its really close to the Hilo airport! I would suggest for you to make Big Island Candies your last stop before flying out. Whatever you end up buying, buy extra to bring back home to your friends and families.

Started in 1977 by Allan and Irma Ikawa with humble beginnings and overcoming several devastating setbacks throughout the years, the products and its reputation has come a long long way.

Big Island Candies will provide samples for you to try their delicious candies and treats.
Free samples upon arrival

Shortbread Cookies

When you are in the store, you will be able to watch and witness how each shortbread cookie is hand dipped by the staff. You’ll gain a little more appreciation about how the company is transparent about how their products are made and how shortcuts is not the way they do business.

The staff handling the treats all have shower caps to ensure no hair ends up in anything and they all are wearing gloves. To see how sanitary the facility is in the back of the house along with the care they put into their craft definitely speaks volume.

Hand dipped shortbread cookies from Big Island Candies is a winner.

Packaging is gorgeous

The Big Island Candies packaging is so pretty. Depending on what season or holiday is coming up, the packaging will change which makes it perfect for gifts.

I don’t know who their team of graphic designers are but they do an amazing job. They have a beautiful arrangement at the entrance of the store to introduce the visitors to the current theme.

Big Island Candies packaging aligns with the upcoming holiday or season. So pretty you'll want to give it away as gifts.
They showcase their candies beautifully and the theme will change with the seasons


When you eat any of the products, you can just taste the quality. They use quality ingredients which is reflected in the price but so worth it.

Products containing macadamia nuts are made using only Big Island macadamia nuts. Products containing coffee comes from Kona and Ka’u coffee farms on island.

The staff take pride in their efforts to ensure quality products. When in Hilo go and check out Big Island Candies.
The glass window allows you to watch the workers in action

Big Island Candies Basic Packaging

If you don’t want to pay extra for the fancy packaging, you will be able to buy the shortbread variations in little basic brown bags. They won’t be individually wrapped but just make sure you eat it before the chocolate melts and gets stuck to its cookie neighbor.

All the different shortbread variations are yummy so I’m not too concerned about the chocolate melting because after eating the first one, you’re going to want to keep going.

These chocolate dipped shortbread cookies are perfect to grab and go. Big Island Candies shortbread cookies are the best.
So many choices

Big Island Candies Overview

They have a variety of different cookies, candies, and treats to choose from.

Believe me when I say that everything is good there. It is pricey but worth it.

The most popular cookie among the locals is the shortbread cookie dipped in milk chocolate.

My personal favorite are the brownies. Yummm.

When you are in Hilo, Big Island Candies is definitely worth the stop.

Address: 585 Hinano St Hilo, HI 96720

Phone: (808) 935-8890